Value Added on Integrated Solution of RFID Enhanced Asset Traceability System

With cloud computing rising, as a base infrastructure, data center is getting more and more attentions. Design and implementation of automatic and accurate asset management has become an important task for data center management. Although there are many asset management solutions with RFID, the value of asset traceability in data center management is not being considered as a whole infrastructure. The key issue to add values on traceability of asset is to integrate the traceability system with the business process management and use the traceability data to support making decisions for manager and improve performance of business management. This paper proposes a framework of integrated solution of RFID enhanced asset traceability system. Beyond traditional understanding of asset tracking values, more potential benefits are discussed. And an illustrative case study is presented with the proposed integration framework.

By: Bo Yang; Peini Liu

Published in: Proceedings of 2010 IEEE International Conference on Services, Operations, Logistics and Informatics.Piscataway, NJ, , IEEE. , p.330-5 in 2010

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