Quality of Information Trade-offs in the Detection of Transient Phenomena

In this paper, we present a set of attributes that are being proposed to characterize quality of information (QoI) for sensor-enabled applications in a domain-agnostic manner. We then focus on two important of these attributes, timeliness and data reliability, which capture the quality of detection processes with respect to how fast and how accurately a detection is made. With special emphasis on transient phenomena, i.e., phenomena of limited duration, using traditional Bayesian-based hypothesis testing techniques, we investigate the detection of these phenomena and we analytically derive relationships that capture the QoI of a phenomenon detector as a function of the duration of the observed phenomena and the rate with which observations of the phenomena are collected.

By: Chatschik Bisdikian

Published in: Proceedings of the SPIE - The International Society for Optical EngineeringOrlando, Florida, vol.6562, p.656214-1-12 in 2007

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