A High-Bandwidth Differential Amplifier with Monolithically Integrated T-Coils in CMOS Technology

We present a four-stage differential amplifier using coupled inductors (T-coils) to match the apacitive load to the driving transistor. The chip was fabricated in a 0.08 (mu)m CMOS technology [1] and achieves a bandwidth of 22 GHz and a differential gain of 20 dB at 1.2 V supply voltage.

[1] T. Schafbauer et al., Integration of High-Performance, Low-Leakage and Mixed Signal Features into a 100 nm CMOS Technology, Symposium on VLSI Technology, Digest of Technical Papers, Honolulu, USA, 2002

By: Thomas Toifl, Marcel Kossel, Christian Menolfi, Thomas Morf and Martin Schmatz

Published in: Proc. IEEE MTT-S Int'l Microwave Symp., Philadelphia, PA, June 2003Piscataway, NJ, IEEE, p.239–242 in 2003

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