The IBM Performance Simulation Framework for Cloud

We describe the “IBM Performance Simulation Framework for Cloud”, which supports modular, accurate and scalable performance simulations of clouds. The framework treats all hardware and software components of a cloud as first-class citizens. Due to its modular design, it supports a rapid construction of new cloud models by combining already available simulation modules. These models may then be extended or refined by adding new modules as required. The modeling accuracy can be adapted to address cloud performance analysis on various detail levels as well as taking time and resource constraints into account. The framework supports simulations to be parallelized using message-passing technologies to ensure scalability. A careful separation between hardware (infrastructure) modules and modules representing software workflows as well as the introduction of a hierarchy of requests separates the simulation of high-level cloud level workflows from the simulation of hardware components. Finally, we demonstrate how the framework can be applied by simulating image deployment performance in OpenStack managed clouds.
Keywords—cloud; performance simulation; performance modeling; OpenStack

By: Peter Altevogt, Wolfgang Denzel, Tibor Kiss

Published in: RZ3851 in 2013


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