Broadband Characterization of Low Dielectric Constant and Low Dielectric Loss CYTUF(TM) Cyanate Ester Printed Circuit Board Material

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Dielectric constant :f.epsilon sub r:ef. and broadband dielectric loss :f.'tan' delta:ef. measurements were performed for the thermoplastic toughened cyanate ester printed circuit board :f.CYTUF primemark TM:ef. material. Characterization of :f.'tan' delta:ef. over the 1 to 8 GHz frequency range was made using a simple short-pulse propagation technique. All the measurements were taken on four-metal-layer, 23 x 36 cm cards with representative transmission line structures. It was found the :f.epsilon sub r:ef. = 3.48 - 3.64 and :f.'tan' delta:ef. = 0.0095 - 0.01 which are much lower than for standard FR-4 material. The impact of improved characteristics on wireability is analyzed through simulations of representative printed circuit board interconnections.

By: A. Deutsch, C. W. Surovic, A. P. Lanzetta, H. A. Ainspan, J. -C. Abbiate (IBM La Gaude Lab., France), A. Viehbeck, J. C. Hedrick, J. M. Shaw, S. L. Tisdale (IBM Microelectronics Div., Endicott, NY), E. M. Foster (IBM Microelectronics Div., Endicott, NY) and P. W. Coteus

Published in: IEEE Transactions on Components Packaging and Technology Part B. Advanced Technology, volume 19, (no 2), pages 331-7 in 1996

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