Optimization Methods to Plan the Charging of Electric Vehicle Fleets

In this paper, we describe an approach to optimize electric vehicle battery charging behavior with the goal of minimizing charging costs, achieving satisfactory state-of-energy levels, and optimal power balancing. Two methods for charging schedule optimization are compared. The first formulation uses a linear approximation of the battery behavior, whereas the second uses a quadratic approximation. A non-linear and statedependent battery model is used to evaluate the solutions of the two methods. Our results indicate that the linear approximation is sufficient when considering the electric vehicle charging plan optimization.
Keywords: Sundstroem, Sundstrom

By: Olle Sundström, Carl Binding

Published in: Proc. Int'l Conf. on Control, Communication and Power Engineering "CCPE 2010," Chennai, India. http://www.searchdl.org/, http://www.searchdl.org/, p.323-328 in 2010

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