Implementing flexible Data Collection and Aggregation for Performance Management with the CIM Metrics Model

We describe new extensions to the CIM Metrics Model, termed BaseMetrics Submodel, whose scope is to define schema extensions capable of specifying and subsequently instantiating new performance measurement data
at the runtime of a system. The model has been developed by the Metric Extensions Working Group of the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) in which the authors actively participate. The Base Metrics submodel has been recently
adopted by the CIM Technical Committee and is part of the new version 2.7 of the CIM schema. In addition, we present an extension to the Base Metrics submodel that allows the definition and aggregation of arbitrary performance data at runtime to address the requirements of service level agreements and workload management systems. Two examples illustrate the applicability of the model to real-life data collection and aggregation scenarios in distributed computing environments.

By: Alexander Keller, Oliver Benke, Markus Debusmann, Andreas Koeppel, Heather M. Kreger, Andreas R Maier, Karl Schopmeyer

Published in: RC22840 in 2003


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