Short Papers from the 6th Advanced Summer School on Service Oriented Computing (SummerSOC '12)

The 6th Advanced Summer School on Service Oriented Computing (SummerSOC’12) continued a successful series of summer schools that started in 2007, regularly attracting world-class experts in Service Oriented Computing to present state-of-the-art research during a week-long program organized in four thematic tracks: Foundations of service-oriented computing; Computing in the Clouds; People in Services; and Emerging Topics. The advanced summer school is regularly attended by top researchers from academia and industry and by graduate students from programs with international acclaim, such as the Erasmus Mundus International Master in Service Engineering.

As part of education curriculum of the 6th Advanced Summer School, graduate students taking the school for credit were asked to form small teams with the purpose of undertaking a project of their choice inspired by a regular-track presentation. Each team researched and discussed their topic during the week of the 6th Advanced Summer School and presented their view of the state of the art, challenges, and promising future research directions in their particular area of focus in Services Science. The teams presented their findings in a special session during the last day of the summer school. The best teams were invited to further explore their work and compose short report papers based on their findings. These papers were then edited and integrated into the volume included in this Technical Report.

The two papers focus on key areas of Services Science, namely

• Flexible business processes, including an overview and analysis of their behavior. A key focus was ways to quickly build and improve process models and to enrich the functionality of flexible processes
• Service processes used by Data Center Infrastructure Management service providers, with a focus of how wireless-sensor technologies can improve these service processes in a variety of cases.

By: Rania Khalaf, Kostas Magoutis (eds.)

Published in: RC25348 in 2013


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