The CHAMPS System: Change Management with Planning and Scheduling

Change Management is a process by which IT systems are modified to accommodate considerations such as software fixes, hardware upgrades and performance enhancements. This paper discusses the CHAMPS system, a prototype under development at IBM Research for CHAnge Management with Planning and Scheduling. The CHAMPS system is able to achieve a very high degree of parallelism for a set of tasks by exploiting detailed factual knowledge about the structure of a distributed system from dependency information at runtime. In contrast, today’s systems expect an administrator to provide such insights, which is often not the case. Furthermore, the optimization techniques we employ allow the CHAMPS system to come up with a very hiqh quality solution for a mathematically intractable problem in a time which scales nicely with the problem size. We have implemented the CHAMPS system and have applied it in a TPC-W environment that implements an on-line book store application.

By: A. Keller, J. L. Hellerstein, J. L. Wolf, K.-L. Wu, V. Krishnan

Published in: RC22882 in 2003


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