How to Make OS/2 Talk ... And Why Access to OS/2 with IBM Screen Reader/2

        Wouldn't it be nice if, as you moved around the desktop, or an application's dialog, the items you traversed spoke to you? Your're doing an 18 disk installation, working at something else, and you hear, Insert disk 9 in drive a. Maybe it would be nice, you say. If you are blind, it is absolutely essential. I will explain the basics of speech output, and how Screen Reader/2 works. The key to this is the Profile Access Language which can be used by developers to add speech for purposes of prototyping and testing a user interface with speech added. With this background you will be able, I hope, to ask, and even answer, your own questions about a talking OS/2. Screen Reader/2 is IBM's access system for OS/2, providing computer users who are blind and visually impaired access to the graphical user interface of Presentation Manager, to Windows programs running under OS/2, and to text-mode DOS and OS/2 programs.

By: Jim Thatcher

Published in: RC19825 in 1994


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