Wavelength Sorting and Its Application to A Planarized Dynamic Wavelength Router

        This letter proposes the concept of wavelength sorting and presents its application to the implementation of a planarized dynamic wavelength router. Using integrated arrayed-waveguide gratings, sorting can be achieved by two methods. The first employs a single grating but requires an enlarged input wavelength spacing, while the second uses the cascade of multiple gratings with the input wavelength spacing matched to the grating device channel spacing. We also introduce a new matrix transfer function of the AWG for efficient analysis of its wavelength-routing characteristics. Combined with space switches, the function of wavelength sorting can be utilized to implement a planarized channel-selective dynamic wavelength router in which wavelength sorting totally eliminate on-chip waveguide crossings that can introduce loss and crosstalk. (Dept902)

By: Weyl-kuo Wang, Frank Tong and Karen Liu

Published in: RC20360 in 1996

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