A Method for Creating a Test Case Set to Achieve Maximum Specification Coverage in Model Transformation Testing

When creating a model transformation in a test-driven approach the creation of a high-quality test suite is desirable. The quality definition usually incorporates the adequacy and the minimality of the test suite. When expanding a test suite, the overall quality of it should not be affected in a negative way. In order to calculate the quality of a test suite, coverage analysis can be used. If during the new test case creation the coverage analysis results are taken into consideration, lowering the negative impact on the quality of the test suite can be achieved more easily. However, creating models for the new test cases is not an easy task, especially not if the quality of the test suite has to be as high as possible. In this paper we present a method which can be used for creating models for new test cases. This method incorporates a periodical coverage analysis, so we can create new test cases while the low negative impact on the quality of the test suite is guaranteed.
Keywords: Daniel Kovacs, Kuster, Kuester

By: Dániel Kovács and Jochen M. Küster

Published in: RZ3850 in 2013


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