Block Copolymer Surface Reconstruction: A Reversible Route to Nanoporous Films

Block copolymer thin films have significant potential for use as templates and scaffolds for the fabrication of arrays of nanometer-scale structures over large lateral areas. In particular, diblock copolymer films having cylindrical microdomains
oriented normal to the surface are attractive for nanofabrication due to the large aspect ratio achievable with the cylindrical microdomains and tunability of the diameter of the cylinders. These films offer additional utility because of the ease with which nanoporous templates can be produced via degradation and removal of the minor polymer component.

By: Ting Xu, Jodi Stevens, JulieAnn VIlla, James Goldbach, Kathryn Wilder Guarini, Charles Black, Craig J. Hawker, Thomas Russell

Published in: Advanced Functional Materials, volume 13, (no 9), pages 698-702 in 2003

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