Two Step MIR Inequalities for Mixed-Integer Programs

In this paper we investigate the computational e.ectiveness of cutting planes based on twostep MIR inequalities. We discuss the similarities and di.erences between the MIR inequalities and the two-step MIR inequalities. We study the separation problem for the two-step MIR inequalities and show that it can be solved in polynomial time when the resulting inequality is required to be su.ciently di.erent from the associated MIR inequality. We also discuss computational issues and present numerical results. Finally, we also show that for a large number of instances in the MIPLIB problem library, once MIR tableau cuts are added to the formulation, there are no other violated cuts that can be derived from Gomory’s master cyclic group polyhedron.

By: Sanjeeb Dash; Oktay Günlük; Marcos Goycoolea

Published in: RC23791 in 2005


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