Using Surveys to Understand the Present and Predict the Future

Organizations often conduct surveys to gather information. This information allows the organization to serve its customers more e.ciently and to aid in long-term decision-making. We have developed an instrument for using survey responses to analyze current population behavior and to predict future behavior. This instrument is coded using Base SAS, SAS STAT, SAS GRAPH, as well as SAS Macros. Our SAS code uses the new SAS survey statistics procedures (e.g., PROC SURVEYMEANS). More specifically, we have developed the following tools: We generate point and interval estimates of population parameters based upon sample responses. We address methods for improving the robustness of these estimates: we define procedures to identify statistical outliers and we have developed heuristics to modify the weights used in the (weighted) analysis to improve robustness of the survey results. We develop several methods for measuring the impact of different data points on the estimated parameters to help the user verify the analysis results. Finally, we develop methodology that facilitates the use of survey responses to predict future responses.

By: Aliza Heching, Ying Tat Leung

Published in: RC22987 in 2003


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