Decentralizing Composite Web Services.

Web services make information and software available programmatically via the Internet and may be used as {\em building blocks} for applications. A composite web service is one that is built using multiple component web services. Composite web services are emerging as a programming model of distributed computation applicable to business process. Once its specification has been developed, the composite service may be {\em orchestrated} either using a {\em centralized} engine or in a {\em decentralized} fashion. Decentralized orchestration brings performance benefits, and improves scalability and concurrency. Decentralized orchestration is similar to execution on multi-processors. However standard techniques for automatic parallelization cannot be applied directly to decentralizing composite services. We propose a novel algorithm for automatic parallelization and code partitioning that is applicable to decentralized orchestration of web services. We show how to generate a decentralized web service specification given a specification for centralized orchestration.

By: Mangala Gowri Nanda, Satish Chandra

Published in: RI03006 in 2003


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