Millgrove Evacuation Study

In this research report we present a recent study undertaken by IBM Research Australia into the dynamics of an evacuation of residents from the Victorian country town of Millgrove. The primary objective was to explore and understand the difference, in terms of traffic conditions, between the establishment of a single fire-safe refuge, or the establishment of two such refuges.

The study utilised a set of evacuation planning tools that are currently under development by IBM Research Australia that should be considered a research prototype level.

NOTE: readers should carefully study the assumptions and simplifications that have been made, and described herein, to fully understand to what level the findings may be applicable. IBM makes no warranties as to the applicability or usability of the results in this research study.

By: Anton Beloglazov, Juerg von Kaenel, Jan Richter, Kent Steer, Ziyuan Wang

Published in: RC25384 in 2013


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