Building Context-Aware Applications with Context Weaver

Context Weaver is a platform that simplifies writing of context-aware applications. All providers of context information registered with Context Weaver provide data to applications through a simple, uniform interface. Applications access data sources not by naming particular providers of the data, but by describing the kind of data they need. Context Weaver responds with providers of context information that may include not only devices, services, and databases external to Context Weaver, but also programmed entities that process context information from other providers. If a provider fails, Context Weaver automatically tries to rebind the application to another provider of the same kind of data. Privacy policies, specified partly by administrators and partly by individuals who are the subject of context information, are enforced by Context Weaver to protect the privacy of those individuals. A health-care application developed with Context Weaver helps nurses monitor the conditions of their patients.

By: Norman H. Cohen; James Black; Paul Castro; Maria Ebling; Barry Leiba; Archan Misra; Wolfgang Segmuller

Published in: RC23388 in 2004


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