Temperature Dependent Defect Formation and Charging of Hafnium Oxides and Hafnium Silicates

Annealing of hafnium oxides and silicates, deposited on a thin SiON interlayer oxide grown on lightly doped Si (100) substrates, reveals an abrupt onset of charging at elevated temperatures. Photoexcitation of the substrate silicon below the dielectric stack using 30 femtosecond pulses of 400 nm light induces a photovoltage shift which can be accurately measured with photoelectron spectroscopy. The formation of trap states and the onset of charge injection at elevated temperatures are correlated with observed changes in the hafnium oxide layer including crystallization and surface roughening and disruption of the SiON interfacial layer.

By: D. Lim, R. Haight

Published in: RC23214 in 2004


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