Refactoring for Generalization using Type Constraints

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Refactoring is the process of applying behavior-preserving transformations (called "refactorings")in order to improve a program it's design.Associated with a refactoring is a set of preconditions that must be satisfied to guarantee that program behavior is preserved,and a set of source code modifications.An important category of refactorings is concerned with generalization (e.g.,Extract Interface for re-routing the accessto aclassvia anewlycreated interface,and Pull Up Members for moving members into a (upperclass).For these refactorings,both the preconditions and the set of allowable source code modifications depends on interprocedural relationships between types of variables.We present an approach in which type constraints are used to verify the preconditions and to determine the allowable source code modifications for a number of generalization-related refactorings.This work is implemented in the standard distribution of Eclipse (available from

By: Frank Tip, Adam Kiezun, Dirk Baeumer

Published in: ACM SIGPLAN Notices, volume 38, (no 11), pages 13-26 in 2003


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