IBM 9.2-Megapixel Flat-panel Display: Technology and Infrastructure

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Recently, IBM 7 introduced a very high-resolution high-information content flat-panel display, which incorporates a number of technological advances. This display contains 9.2 million pixels at a density of 204 pixels per inch, in a 3840x2400 pixel format. This is the first large-area display with a pixel density which satisfies normal visual acuity at normal reading distances, and increases the screen information content by a factor of 5 to 7 times over conventional displays. This display is appropriate for a wide variety of applications in which visualization of a large amount of data is important. At the same time, this technology advance heralds a number of infrastructure changes in system architecture, digital data protocol, and user interface design for both operating system and software applications.

By: Steven L. Wright

Published in: SPIE Proceedings, volume 4712, (no ), pages 24-34 in 2002


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