A Cross-Layer System Simulator for UWB-Based Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless Sensor Network Simulator (WSNS) is a discrete-event simulator of a sensor network with low-data rate, transmit-only, PPM-UWB sensor nodes. Its goal is to evaluate the performance of different variants of network architecture. It has thus to provide an accurate model of both physical and network layer of the network while maintaining reasonable simulation times. In addition, the analyzed network scenario requires transmit-only sensors and hence half-duplex communication. This in turn implies an extremely simple network layer. In order to exploit this simplicity, we have decided to write a new simulator, and not to use some of the existing network simulators. The simulator is a set of C++ classes that implement different parts of a sensor networks: sensors, clusterheads, servers, packets, etc. The simulator takes input configuration from a configuration file and generates a corresponding network. It then performs a discrete event simulation where each event represent a change in a system (packet generation, packet arrival, traffic change, etc.). All the events are logged, and the log file is used later to produce different statistics and evaluate performance. In this document we describe the basic principles of a transmit-only UWB wireless sensor network, give an overview of the simulator, give details about the classes, define configuration files and log output, and give several examples on how to write scripts that can exploit these information.

This work was performed while the author, Bozidar Radunovic, was at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory. For more information on the project, contact
Hong Linh Truong (hlt@zurich.ibm.com)

By: Bozidar Radunovic

Published in: RZ3594 in 2005


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