The IBM Research Accelerated Discovery Lab

The IBM Research Accelerated Discovery Lab is a unique, collaborative environment specifically designed to facilitate analytic research projects that require multiple participants who may be from several disciplines, and even several institutions. Discovery, in our context, means the gaining of new insight or understanding, often with the intent of attaining predictive or prescriptive capability, where the analysis of data plays a central role. The Lab’s objective is to accelerate this type of discovery by (1) enabling research in and improvements to the tools and systems that facilitate discovery, and (2) enabling the business person or domain expert who uses the environment to focus on their investigation instead of the systems and data challenges. To accomplish the first two objectives, we also need (3) to understand how discovery occurs, and how it can be accelerated.

By: Laura Haas, Melissa Cefkin, Cheryl Kieliszewski, Wil Plouffe, Mary Roth

Published in: RJ10520 in 2014


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