Collaborative Visualization and Modeling

Rapid advances in computing hardware (workstations, PCs), infrastructure (networks, cable, telephone), product development software (geometric modeling, process simulations, graphics), and business models (emerging economies, international currency exchange) have provided the raw material to support true globalization of product development. This globalization in turn raises a strong need for members of an enterprise (design, manufacturing, maintenance, sales, management) to exchange product information in a concurrent manner and collaborate throughout the liife-cycle of families of products. We summarize some of the key issues in Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) related to product development, and then cover some of our on-going work in collaborative visualization and modeling. On visualization, we cover the collaborative aspects of: (a) geometry-based rendering (3DIX) and (b) image-based rendering (PanormIX), and on modeling: (c) solid modeling (procedural solids, shape control), (d) real-time reverse engineering (3D reconstruction), and (e) product data management (PM).

By: Jai Menon

Published in: Proceedings of IEEE Shape Modeling International. Los Alamitos, CA, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1997. p. 178-88, IEEE in 1997

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