Model-based Design and Generation of Telecom Services

We describe a model-based approach to the creation of services supported by the telecommunications infrastructure (Next Generation Networks, or NGN), including landlines, mobile phones, the Internet and other devices. We introduce a protocol-independent, domain-specific modeling language containing high-level entities that architects and developers can use in their service design to rapidly support complex service flows in their telecom services. We also describe the transformation and tooling created to support the language, which enables the automatic generation of running services (structure and behavior) without additional code being written. Examples of two typical telecom services are provided to illustrate how the modeling language and tooling are used for telecom service development. These examples show that the presented approach can simplify and speed up the development of innovative telecom services.

By: A. Hartman; M. Keren; S. Kremer-Davidson; D. Pikus

Published in: H-0278 in 2010


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