Phase Diagram of Yukawa Systems Near the One-Component-Plasma Limit Revisited

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Transition inverse temperatures (or &Gamma. values) at the fluid-solid phase boundary of Yukawa systems near the one-component-plasma (OCP) limit have been evaluated by molecular dynamics simulations. These values are systematically smaller than those obtained in an earlier study by Farouki and Hamaguchi (J. Chem. Phys. 101, 9885 (1994)]. The discrepancy is attributed to the fact that, in the earlier study, the harmonic entropy constants were approximated by that of the OCP, whereas the new results are based on more accurate harmonic entropy constants obtained from lattice-dynamics calculations. The new molecular dynamics simulations also confirm that the bcc-fcc phase transition curve is in good agreement with that of the quasi-harmonic theory in the regime &kappa. &lesym. 1.4, where &kappa. is the ratio of the Wigner-Seitz radius to the Debye length. Examples of Yukawa systems include dusty plasmas and colloidal suspensions.

By: S. Hamaguchi, R. T. Farouki (Univ. of MI) and D. H. E. Dubin (UC San Diego)

Published in: Journal of Chemical Physics, volume 105, (no 17), pages 7641-7 in 1996

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