Enabling Efficient Placement of Virtual Infrastructures in the Cloud

In the IaaS model, users have the opportunity to run their applications by creating virtualized infrastructures, from virtual machines, networks and storage volumes. However, they are still not able to optimize these infrastructures to their workloads, in order to receive guarantees of resource requirements or availability constraints. In this paper we address the problem of efficiently placing such infrastructures in large scale data centers, while considering compute and network demands, as well as availability requirements. Unlike previous techniques that focus on the networking or the compute resources allocation in a piecemeal fashion, we consider all these factors in one single solution. Our approach makes the problem tractable, while enabling the load balancing of resources. We show the effectiveness and efficiency of our approach with a rich set of workloads over extensive simulations.

By: Ioana Giurgiu, Claris Castillo, Asser Tantawi, Malgorzata Steinder

Published in: RC25292 in 2012


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