Transaction Tracking in Large Scale Datacenters

The current evolution of over-provisioned, under-utilized datacenters (DCs) to resilient, dynamically reconfigurable, virtualized cloud computing DCs that are managed to meet optimums in terms of performance and energy consumption requires new analysis and benchmarking methodologies, which poses significant challenges in system monitoring and modeling. We present a technical view of business transaction tracking in DCs, and its uses in analytical and simulation modeling.
An abridged section of this report has been published in: M. Gusat, C. Minkenberg C. DeCusatis, L. McKenna, K. Bhardwaj, G.J. Paljak, A. Pataricza, I. Kocsis "Benchmarking the Ethernet-Federated Datacenter," First Workshop on Data Center - Converged and Virtual Ethernet Switching (DC CAVES), September 2009, Paris, France. Conference Website.

By: G.J. Paljak

Published in: RZ3743 in 2009


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