Agile Content Delivery Scheduling for Large-scale Context-aware Services

A context-aware service can recognize users' contexts (such as location, interests, or status) and deliver appropriate content prepared by content providers to appropriate users at the appropriate times according to each user's context. Many prototype systems for context-aware services have been proposed and they deliver content to users whenever the delivery conditions attached to the content are matched with a user's context. However, these systems do not work well as the number of pieces of delivered content increases, resulting in strong dissatisfaction by both the users and the content providers.

In this paper, we propose Agile Content Delivery Scheduling (ACDS) to balance both the content provider's needs and the user's, using a balanced distance-based action selection algorithm. We evaluated the performance of ACDS in a simulation and showed that ACDS is twice better than previous work under some conditions.

By: Yasuharu Katsuno, Michiharu Kudo, and Takayuki Kushida

Published in: RT0827 in 2009


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