Vertical Electrical Connections for Multi-layer Stacked Display

Multi-layer stacked displays have advantages in that the three primary colors are stacked in a single pixel and there is no need to use a color filter to provide full color capability. We have developed a technology for vertical electrical connection in a multi-layer stacked liquid crystal display. The vertical connection in principle allows increased aperture ratio and simplified driving for active matrix TFTs, as well as reducing the number of active plates. We have made a tri-layer guest-host display prototype and tested its operation.

By: Keiji Matsumoto, Keizo Takeda, Masaki Hasegawa, Kuniaki Sueoka, Yoichi Taira, Peter A. Gruber, James P. Doyle, Judy M. Rubino, Lubomyr T. Romankiw

Published in: Proceedings of the 21st International Display Research Conference in conjunction with the 8th International Display Workshops, NagoyaITE, SID, p.347-350 in 2002

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