A Decentralized Application Placement Controller for Web Applications

This paper addresses the problem of dynamic system reconfiguration and resource sharing for a set of applications in large-scale services environments. It presents a decentralized application placement scheme that dynamically provision enterprise applications with heterogeneous resource requirements. Potential benefits, including improved scalability, resilience, and continuous adaptation to external events, motivate a decentralized approach. In our design, all nodes run a placement controller independently and asynchronously, which periodically reallocates a node's local resources to applications based on state information from a fixed number of neighbors. Compared with a centralized solution, our placement scheme incurs no additional synchronization costs. We show through simulations that decentralized placement can achieve accuracy close to that of state-of-the-art centralized placement schemes (within 4% in a specific scenario). In addition, we report results on scalability and transient behavior of the system.

By: Constantin Adam; Giovanni Pacifici; Michael Spreitzer; Rolf Stadler; Malgorzata Steinder; Chunqiang Tang

Published in: RC23980 in 2006


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