AHAFS Enables AIX® Event Monitoring without Writing Code

Starting with AIX 6100-06 and 7100-00, IBM® introduced the AIX Event Infrastructure for monitoring pre-defined and user-defined system events—such as modification of a file’s content, utilization of a filesystem exceeding a user-defined threshold, death of a process or a change in the value of a kernel tunable parameter—without the high overhead of polling. This infrastructure can automatically notify registered users or processes instantly about the occurrences of such events, with information useful for maintaining and improving the health and security of the running AIX instance. The information provided in the notification includes the what, when, who, and where the event happened, and can include the whole function call-chain that triggered the event.

By: Joefon Jann; Niteesh Dubey

Published in: RC25260 in 2012


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