Nuclear Double Resonance between Statistical Spin Polarizations

We demonstrate nuclear double resonance for nanometer-scale volumes of spins where random fluctuations rather than Boltzmann polarization dominate. When the Hartmann-Hahn condition is met in a cross-polarization experiment, flip-flops occur between two species of spins and their fluctuations become coupled. We use magnetic resonance force microscopy to measure this effect between 1H and 13C spins in 13C-enriched stearic acid. The development of a cross-polarization technique for statistical ensembles adds an important tool for generating chemical contrast in nanometer-scale magnetic resonance.

By: M. Poggio; H. J. Mamin; C. L. Degen; M. H. Sherwood; D. Rugar

Published in: Physical Review Letters, volume 102, (no 8), pages Art No. 087604 in 2009

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