Novel Integration Approach for III-V Microdisk Cavities on Si

We present and evaluate a novel integration approach for III-V microdisk cavities on Si. We demonstrate InP room-temperature microdisk lasers and compare the performance to similar InP microdisks fabricated via direct wafer bonding. InP allows for future integration of QWs for the NIR spectral range.
Keywords: Heterogeneous integration, III-V materials on silicon, Microdisk lasers, Optical pumping, Semiconductor lasers, Thilo Stoeferle, Noelia Vico Trivino

By: Svenja Mauthe, Noelia Vico Triviño, Yannick Baumgartner, Philipp Staudinger, Preksha Tiwari, Marilyne Sousa, Daniele Caimi, Thilo Stöferle, Heinz Schmid, and Kirsten E. Moselund

Published in: 16th International Conference on Group IV Photonics (GFP), IEEE, p.10.1109/GROUP4.2019.8853880 in 2019


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