FALCON: Seamless Access to Meeting Data from the Inbox and Calendar

We present a system that supports seamless access to information contained in recorded meetings from the cornerstone points of a knowledge worker’s daily life: mailbox and calendar. The solution supports granular search of meeting content from an enterprise email system and automatically displays recordings of meetings related to the message the user is currently viewing. Additionally thumbnail summaries of the meetings are added to the user’s calendar entries after the meetings have taken place. Lastly our system supports easy sharing of videos associated with recorded meetings through the use of hot-linked thumbnail summaries which can be sent via email.

By: Peter Bjellerup; Karl J. Cama; Mukundan Desikan; Yi Guo; Ajinkya Kale; Jennifer C. Lai; Nizar Lethif; Jie Lu; Mercan Topkara; Stephan H. Wissel

Published in: RC25034 in 2010


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