JINSIL: A System for Presentation of Composite Multimedia Objects in a Distributed Environment

        JINSEL is an end-to-end system for presentation of composite multimedia documents in a distributed environment that takes into account available BW, buffer and the nature of sharing in various system components (e.g., Network, Server, Storage, etc.) on the delivery path. It reserves necessary BW and buffer, reshapes BW requirement and creates parfetch schedule at each component on the path. The presentation of structured, composite multimedia information imposes variable BW requirement as well as synchronization of media data objects. However, it also provides opportunity to derive detail knowledge of the BW requirement from the document structure and to create prefetch schedule satisfying the environmental constraints. The environment consists of various system components that are either dedicated to a client or shared across multiple clients. Shared system components could benefit from advanced reservation schedule based on the true BW requirement. The prefetch schedule needs also to be aware of the BW fragmentation in a partitioned server. We finally report a detailed design of this system, and its associated algorithms.

By: Junehwa Song, Asit Dan and Dinkar Sitaram

Published in: RC20476 in 1996

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