AM-OLED pixel circuits suitable for TFT array testing

We suggest have created new easily testable pixel circuits of for AM-OLEDs, which can be easily tested. The TFT array testing process is very important to improve its yield in mass-production because the cell process has big weight inheavily influences the manufacturing in cost and time. However, conventional AM-OLED pixel circuits are very difficult to be tested. One reason is that the pixel circuits in TFT arrays do not have the OLED yet. Therefore we cannot drive the pixel circuits to measure the current through the driver TFT. The driver TFT means a TFT that drives the OLED in a the pixel. Our new design interleaves the common lines in a new way, and adding one or two transistors to the pixel allows testing each of the pixels before the OLED fabrication.

By: Y. Sakaguchi, D. Nakano

Published in: RT0565 in 2007


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