A Framework for Quality of Information Analysis for Detection-Oriented Sensor Network Deployments

With their increasing capabilities, research efforts in sensor network have been spreading on a variety of aspects. In this paper, we present a system-oriented, layered approach for evaluating their application-related performance. Focusing on sensor-enabled detection systems, an application planners point of view of the system is considered and a hypothesis-testing-based analysis framework for evaluating the quality of information (QoI) supported by a sensor network deployment is explored. The QoI properties of centralized, distributed and hybrid decision topologies are investigated and trade-offs explored at the sensor, cluster, and system-level. In the process, the computationally powerful concept of a QoI equivalent sensor is presented and applied in the aforementioned explorations. Finite size networks are considered and limiting behavior and dominance properties are also investigated. Finally, extensions of the analysis framework to faulty sensor and the impact of calibration are also investigated.

By: Sadaf Zahedi; Mani B. Srivastava; Chatschik Bisdikian

Published in: RC24404 in 2007


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