The Front Pages of Video Databases: Retrieving and Visualizing Video Content

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The goal of a digital video database management system (VDBMS), like the traditional database counterpart, is to offer convenient and efficient access to the information in the database. However, unlike traditional database system, where the focus has been on search and indexing technique, video poses additional challenges and opportunities. In this paper, we address the special functionalities and advanced features unique to a VDBMS, with an emphasis on the retrieval of video augmented by automatic processing of visual content, and the presentation of visual content at the front-end for fast and intuitive browsing of large collections of video materials. We present in essence a new page of visual information retrieval for VDBMS --- it is a front page on video retrieval, and the front page, from the users' point of view, of video database systems.

By: Boon-Lock Yeo and Minerva M. Yeung

Published in: Communications of the ACM, volume 40, (no 12), pages 43-52 in 1997

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