A Generic Admission Control Methodology for Packet Networks

In packet networks with multiples concurrent data connections, admission control (AC) is required to guarantee quality of service (QoS). The admission of a new connection requires the knowledge of the network capacity as a priori. However, the estimation of network capacity and more important its parametrization by a single or a set or variables is not feasible in most networks, due to different operational characteristics of the underlying communication protocols, channel and mobility statistics (in wireless networks), data traffic dynamics, and multiple QoS requirements. In this work, to tackle these challenges, the network between any source and destination node pairs is modeled as a “black box”, and a generic mathematical function is used to map the input variables to a single output parameter that captures the whole set of QoS requirements. A generic AC (GAC) methodology is proposed, that by using the Taylor expansion, predicts the impact of the potential admission of a new connection on the QoS experience of existing connections.

By: Chi Harold Liu; Athanasios Gkelias; Kin K. Leung

Published in: RC25149 in 2011


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