A Method for Enabling Cross Platform Function Calls

We describe a new method for enabling cross platform function calls. Using our methodology the cost of providing M libraries to N runtimes is (N + M) rather than (N * M). The method relies on a portable, introspective data structure to transport invocation requests and an IDL which provides enough information to allow automated data marshalling between the portable format and the runtimes of the client and server.

The method, which is called ApplicationWeb, requires one infrastructure component per runtime and one artifact per library exposed. It permits exposure of functions with complex signatures (including output arguments), and requires writing no library specific code.

Our implementation has been used to provide function call access to libraries, such as LAPACK1 and COIN2, between runtimes including C, JavaTM , C++, FORTRAN, R3, perl, Visual Basic® , zLinux4, *nix and Windows®

By: Leonard Berman; David Jensen

Published in: RC23581 in 2005


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