Dynamically-changing Interface for Interactive Selection of Information Cards Satisfying Policy Requirements

The possibility of carrying out a multitude of transactions, such as shopping, communicating, organizing yourself or your business, in the digital domain amplifies the need for sophisticated identification mechanisms. User-centric identity management implementations, and especially anonymous credential systems, provide the required sophistication. In particular, they support minimal data disclosure and (zero-knowledge) proofs about attributes. A main challenge in implementing user-centric identity management is to transport the information about each transaction to the user. After all, most users are not yet aware of concepts such as data minimization or (zero-knowledge) proofs about attributes. We propose a visualization of information on the user's side together with the transaction information. We show how established concepts of user interface design can be employed to help users familiarize themselves with these formerly unfamiliar identity management concepts.

By: Patrik Bichsel; Jan Camenisch; Franz-Stefan Preiss; Dieter M. Sommer

Published in: RZ3756 in 2009


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