Interactive Exploration of Model-Based Automatically Extracted Data

We present an interactive system to query, explore and navigate data according to a hierarchical knowledge model that had been automatically populated from unstructured textual data. Our system differs from systems assisting in the navigation of domain ontologies and mining between pairs of concepts in that it enables access to unstructured data by abstract concepts and relations between them. Concepts in turn are specified by sets of models and their relations. However, some concepts may not have a direct representation in the text. In particular, the demonstration Query by Model/Cancer (QbM/C) is based on unstructured pathology reports. The knowledge model represents both named entities such as diagnosis and anatomical site, and higher level concepts such as primary and metastatic tumor. Such concepts are based on the relations between named entities. We will present the data layout and access mechanism from the GUI to the data.

By: Anni Coden; Igor Sominsky; Michael Tanenblatt

Published in: Proceedings - 2008 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining WorkshopsPiscataway, NJ, IEEE, p.967-70 in 2008

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