Extending the CIM-SPL Policy Language with RBAC for Distributed Management Systems in the WBEM Infrastructure

In spite of the large effort behind the development of the WBEM and CIM standards for the management of distributed systems, there has been very little work addressing security in those standards. In this paper we present a Role-based Access Control (RBAC) policy language to render fine-grained access control policies for WBEM and CIM. The language is an extension of CIM-SPL, a preliminary DMTF policy language standard. The CIM-SPL RBAC extension fully complies with the WBEM standards. Access control policies can be specified for CIM object constructs according to the standard NIST RBAC model as well as with an extended model adapted for CIM. An implementation framework for the CIM-SPL RBAC in the OpenPegasus WBEM infrastructure is also presented to demonstrate its usability. Some design choices and implementation issues are discussed in detail. This framework provides an end to end solution to deploy a policy-based RBAC mechanism in the WBEM infrastructure.

By: Li Pan; Jorge Lobo; Seraphin Calo

Published in: RC24875 in 2009


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