Wear Resistant Fluorinated Diamond-Like Carbon Films

Fluorine containing amorphous hydrogenated diamond-like carbon films have been prepared by DC plasma assisted CVD from pure difluorobenzene or hexafluorobenzene with various dilutions. The films deposited from difluorobenzene contained less than 10 % fluorine and had wear resistance similar to non-fluorinated diamond-like carbon. The films deposited from pure hexafluorobenzene contained 45 % fluorine, were very soft, and had no wear resistance. Argon dilution of the precursor had no effect on the wear resistance of the films. However films deposited from hexafluorobenzene diluted with hydrogen had reduced fluorine content and a wear resistance which increased with hydrogen dilution. At sufficient dilution, films containing 18% fluorine, having wear resistance similar to diamond-like carbon were obtained.

By: A. Grill and V. Patel

Published in: Diamond Films and Technology, volume 6, (no 1), pages 13-21 in 1996

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