Discovering Analysis Components in Unstructured Information Management Architecture

Modern intelligence analysis solutions make extensive use of unstructured information management technologies and applications. Developing and deploying application in the area of unstructured information management is costly and requires domain specific knowledge. Existing analysis components are difficult to integrate and reuse due to interoperability problems. In this paper we present the automated component discovery system for analysis components, based on IBM’s Unstructured Information Management Architecture. The analysis components are packaged and submitted to the repository for registering and testing. The compliant analysis components are made available for search, download and use. The system facilitates sharing and reusability of analysis components within the architecture framework, as well as planning of analysis solutions and building analysis applications.

By: Lev Kozakov; Yurdaer Doganata; Tong-Haing Fin; Youssef Drissi

Published in: RC23528 in 2005


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