Physical Layer Modelling for Reader Scenario

One objective of the Task group WP3b5 of the PULSERS project in framework FP6 is to suggest a medium access (MAC) layer for a sensor network. The performance of this MAC layer depends on physical layer (PHY) properties. A reliable performance characterization of the MAC requires a joint evaluation of PHY and MAC. In this work, both a suitable PHY and a MAC layer are proposed. Essentially, the PHY layer comprises packet-oriented transmission of 2PPM UWB signals and noncoherent reception. The MAC layer performs random channel access of uncoordinated transmitters, implying the presence of multiuser interference. A semi-deterministic model of the PHY layer is developed, which considers multiuser interference in an accurate fashion and is suited as a part of an efficient PHY-MAC cross layer simulator.

By: Martin Weisenhorn

Published in: RZ3595 in 2005


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