A Remote Job Execution Service for Service- Oriented Grids.

With the recently proposed integration of Grid and Web services technologies in the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA), computing resources in a Grid can be shared via a web services interface. The current Globus toolkit allows users to submit jobs to remote nodes for execution. The OGSA grid will also need a similar job execution capability -- a service that abstracts the underlying compute resources and makes them available to grid users. This paper describes such a computing service, which allows users to submit jobs for execution, and provides the raw computing power. We discuss the architecture and design of the Remote Job Execution service, and specify its interfaces. Our design enables the RJE to use existing technologies to create a secure, resource-constrained sandbox for running a client job, potentially with QoS guarantees.

By: Neeran Karnik, Girish Chafle, Sunil Chandra

Published in: RI03001 in 2003


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