On the Crystal Structure of Azafullerene (C59N)2

Synchrotron X-ray power diffraction data of the pristine azafullerene solid collected at room temperature point to a monoclinic crystal structure (C2/m, a = 17.25 angstrom, b = 9.96 angstrom, c = 19.44 angstrom, beta = 124.3 degrees) comprising dimeric molecular, (C59N)2, units. The molecules show substantial disorder and are aligned with their principal center-to-center molecular axis inclined at an angle of ~ 1.5 degrees from the c-axis of the unit cell.

By: C. M. Brown (Univ. of Sussex, UK), L.Cristofolini (Univ. of Sussex, UK), K. Kordatos (Univ. of Sussex, UK), K. Prassides (Univ. of Sussex, UK), C. Bellavia (UC - Santa Barbara), R. Gonzalez (UC - Santa Barbara), M. Keshavarz-K (UC - Santa Barbara), F.Wudl (UC -Santa Barbara), A. K. Cheetham (UC - Santa Barbara), J. P. Zhang (UC - Santa Barbara), W. Andreoni, A. Curioni, A. N. Fitch (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France) and P. Pattison (Univ. de Lausanne, Switzerland)

Published in: Chemistry of Materials, volume 8, (no 11), pages 2548+ in 1996

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