Application-assisted Dynamic Scheduling on Large-scale Multi-computer Systems

On multi-user large-scale multi-computers, application workload is
highly variable and typically unpredicatable. In this paper, we present
and analyze the performance of three scheduling policies on a spectrum
of application workloads. Two of these policies make their scheduling
decisions at job start-up and the resources allocated to a job remain
constant until the job completion. The third policy exploits
application information in dynamically reconfiguring the resources
allocated to the job in order to achieve better system utilization and
application throughput. These policies are implemented in the context
of DRMS, a distributed resource management system that provides the
necessary infrastructure for dynamically varying application resources.
Our results show that the reconfigurable policy out-performs the former
two policies on a wide spectrum of workloads.

By: Ravi B. Konuru, Jose E. Moreira and Vijay K. Naik

Published in: RC20390 in 1996


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